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Located in the South East extremity of Indochinese peninsula, Vietnam is a stunning nation stretching along the long coastline in a distinctive shape of an elongated S. The country is divided into 3 primary regions lengthwise, which are the North (mien Bac), the Central (mien Trung) and the South (mien Nam).

The North Vietnam shares borderlines with China in the north east and Laos in the North West. The region covers the country from its Northern leading in Ha Giang down to the Hai Van pass in the middle of Vietnam with a lot of wonderful websites.

The weather in North Vietnam comes in 4 diverse seasons in a year: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. From February to April, Spring lasts as a symbol of fertility with drizzle and warmth that helps plants grow and flowers bloom brightly. From Could to August it is Summer time with hot and showery weather. Autumn is considered the most beautiful time in year here with cool air, sunny days which are typically dry and windy. It lasts from September to November. Next comes winter with its dry and cold characters. There’s no snow, even so the cold is fairly harsh in general.

The finest time to pay a visit to the North Vietnam is around summer and Autumn when the days are bright and dry and the regular weather is perfect for getting on road.

When visiting this region, the need to-see internet sites contain Hanoi, Halong bay, Sapa, NinhBinh and HaiPhong…Although Hanoi gives tourists an insight about the North Vietnamese life and culture in a booming contemporary life with a lingering glimpse of its antique past, Halong bay and Sapa are need to-sees for its natural beauty and rugged scenery that promise to take tourists’ breath away.

In the growing demand for tourism, tourist services in all the key internet sites are fairly abundant and accessible, if not over-pushy often. Traveling to the North, as properly as any other portion of Vietnam, tourists do not have to be concerned about the availability of hotels in Vietnam, transportations or other services. Hanoi hotels and Sapa hotels are the typical option for accommodation in these cities, even though in Halong bay tourists often remain overnight on a Halong cruise.

Nevertheless, it is recommended that hotels ought to be booked in advance to prevent sky-high room rates throughout peak seasons. If the pre-booking is too much hassle, tourists usually have an selection of motels in case most hotels are completely booked. Be warned that the facilities in Vietnam motels are limited, but they serve the purpose of a spot to sleep just fine if that’s what tourists are seeking for. Nevertheless, in order to get a motel room, some fundamental Vietnamese would come in handy and is obviously important.

No matter whether discovering the crowded city of Hanoi or visiting hill tribes about Sapa, failing to attempt local cuisines is a fantastic miss.  In Hanoi, Pho, Cha Ca La Vong or Bun Dau Mam Tom all are unique dishes that have been a symbol of Hanoians’ food for a long time. The same goes for grilled food in Sapa, Goat meat in NinhBinh or seafood in HaiPhong, Halong. Just bear in mind that sometimes in Vietnam, it is not the grandest locations that promise the most delicious food. It is the vendors and street food stalls in some street corners that give an authentic taste. But a nearby insight is necessary to find these not-so-grand places.

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