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Nam DinhNam Dinh Province
Nam Dinh is considered one earliest colonial city province in the south of the Red River Delta. It is surrounding up by some others neighborhood province in the region such as Ha Nam, Thai Binh on the north and northeast, Ninh Binh on the west, the East Sea on the southeast is 72km long coastlines.
The province has many handicraft villages, tourist potential and rich in many historical, cultural sites and many tourist attractions. Nam Dinh province has a long-lasting history and culture, the Tran dynasty, a dynasty flourished most in Vietnamese feudal and other relics such as the Tran relic, the tower Temple, Co Le Pagoda, Keo Pagoda (Hanh Thien), Phu Day ... Nam Dinh is the hometown of many Generals and martial heroes as well as the hometown of many writers and poets like Tran Te Xuong (Tu Xuong), Nguyen Binh

Located in the Red River Delta, Nam Dinh has a long tradition culture. This cultural treasure is derived from the lives of residents, was developed in various forms and activities such as folk songs, writing, water puppetry, song festivals, xam ...and many other traditional games... Some attractions in Nam Dinh
Nam Dinh Province The South flag pole
Location: Located in To Hieu Street, Ngo Quyen ward, Nam Dinh city.
Features: The flag tower was built of old, dark red brick; attach with many important historical events. Based on a number of outstanding documents, the flag pole was built at the same time with Hanoi one. This architecture has added much on top, so until 1843 it was completed.

The flagpole is 23.84 m high, this architecture was built in the 11th Gia Long (1812) in the south inner city, and far from the Palace is about 100m. Flagpole was built on two bases, square columns. The bottom is16.33m and 2,4m high per square meter. There are two brick stairs leading to second floor on the east and west sides of storeys. This floor on each side of 11.42 m, 3.10 m high. Four sides are built handrail, sculpted four-door. On the east-door, there are two characters Nghenh Huc (catch the sunshine). On the souh- door, there are two characters Huong Quang (light-driven) the body of flagpole is 12.65 m high with two parts: The lower bowl of adjacent cylinders, each side 2.20 m, above the base circle diameter of 3.25 m. From the South door, there is away to coe into the flag pole with 54 stairs soays, are irradiated with natural light from the window on each side leading to the top.

The South flag pole attached to many important historical eventrs. On 03/27/1883, French warships form Dao River bombarded into the city. At the flagpole at a height of 11m to the south, there also a bullet wound with 4cm deep, 6cm in diameter.

In the period of clandestine operations, many officials, party members still went to the flagpole daily to contact and discuss plans. In 1967, Nam Dinh was attacked by U.S. aircrafts. Top of the flagpole os the place where Mr. La Vinh Hao-Self-defense commander of textile mills observed the aircrafts. On June 11, 1972, the flagpole area was collapsed because of plane bombing.
The flagpole was recognized as the state-level site by Department of culture and information on April 28, 1962. The flagpole with nearly two century history has witnessed many changes in the country and homeland. This is also the hometown of many generations of Nam Dinh and it is the pride of every Nam Dinh citizen

Xuan Thuy National Park
Phu Day Relic Location: Located in Giao Thien Commune, Giao Thuy district, Nam Dinh Province.
Characteristics: Xuan Thuy National Park is an ecological tourist destination for those who are interested in learning wildlife and migratory birds. Xuan Thuy National Park, with a total area of estuaries 12.000ha, situated in Giao Thien commune, Giao Thuy district, Nam Dinh, through Con Lu, Con Ngan, Con Xanh. It is the place that is managed by the first Vietnamese Ramsar Convention.

Xuan Thuy was selected as a door stop of thousands of migratory birds with a lot of varieties and species fly to the south in the winter of last November from the lunar calendar and return in late February, in early March every year. Xuan Thuy forest is home of many species of birds, sea cat, fish... Below are the types of shrimp, fish, crabs, snakes, clams, and oysters ... abundant food source of birds.

Coming to Xuan Thuy National Park, visitors will be lived in the vast spaces of the earth and sky, cloud, breathing fresh air, watching birds: Crane, stork, pelicans, geese, ducks and many other birds are diligent looking for bait or fly around. Xuan Thuy is about 160km south of Hanoi, an eco-tourist destination for those who prefer to learn wildlife and migratory birds.

Phu Day Relic
Phu Day Relic Location: Phu Day relic located in Kim Thai commune, Vu Ban district, Nam Dinh province.
Features: It is the worship of Princess Lieu Hanh, one of four immortal gods of Vietnam (Saint Tan Vien, Thanh Giong, Chu Dong Tu and Princess Lieu Hanh). It consists of three monuments: Tien Huong, Van Cat and Princess Lieu Tomb.

Tien Huong is a beautiful building which was built during the Le - Canh Tri king of Le imperior course (1663 - 1671) and has been renovated several times. Tien Huong has 19 buildings consist 81 large and small spaces on the southwest looking forwards to Tien Huong Mountains. In front of temple is the lake and a large yard, 3 abreast buildings with two floors where is used to welcome tourists for pilgrims. Crescent Lake with a low railing surrounding the screen and there are two bridges of stone carved with lively sophisticated dragon image. There are 4 classes of worship. The provision is concentrated sophisticated carvings, showing the entire theme: dragon, phoenix, and tiger ... The main palace is a sotiphicated mosaic altar. The five statues of high artistic value of the 19th century were put here.

Van Cat was built on nearly 1 hecta, facing the northwest. Van Cat now has seven buildings with 30 small and big rooms. The front gate consists of Ngo Mon door with 5 floors; the Crescent Lake is outside the door Van Cat as well as also the Tien Huong. The center is the worship of Princess Lieu Hanh, the Buddhist temple on the left, the Ly Nam De temple on the right.

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