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Lang Son is far the northern region of Vietnam, The province capital city also called Lang Son, it share 253km border with Guang xi province of China. Northwest is claosing to Cao Bang province, Bac Giang province on the south, Quang Ninh province on the south east, Bac Kan and Thai Nguyen on the west and south-west. The topography of the province is mainly mountainous. River system is relatively dense has created favorable condition for agricultural development. Through the territory of the province, there are three main rivers Ky Cung, Ba Thin, Bac Giang ... Cool temperate climate, avarage annual temperature 21.5 º C.
Lang Son has much potentiality of mineral, agricultural and forest products that are prominent in flowers, tourism potential and commercial. As known as the head of the Fatherland, Lang Son province has many historical and cultural scenic spots where is famous for Bac Son culture relic, Pha Mai literature, all creating great potential for developing tourism in the Lang Son province, makes Lang Son become a strange attraction to tourists. Covers province’s an area is 8327.6 square kilometres and population censuse in year of 2008 it had a population of 759,000 people.

Ky Lua Market Ky Lua Market
Location: Ky Lua Market has sixth session meeting each month on 2th, 7th lunar, located in the central Lang Son city, Lang Son province. Features: This market had existed for hundreds of years which are a bustl trading center for people in the region as well as guests from other provinces and neighboring areas. Ky Lua Market is also a cultural exchange of the ethnic minorities. At the fair day, the youth in Tay, Nung, Dao ethnic came here to buy goods, find lovers to meet to exchange feelings. People come to the market not only actually for sale but only for visiting, talking business, finding lovers through the lyrics of traditional song. At the market, along with various colors of brocade, clothing, there are many other special food of Xu Lang.

Lang Son hold Ky Lua fair each year, lasting from 22 to 27 lunar months, that is the definition of traditional cultural activities with strong national identity. U.S. market today has been restored and embellished opening all day and night. With the fresh air of the forest border region, along with the night scene at the market that has created unforgettable impression for visitors to Ky Lua Market famous from ancient times until today, so visitors come to Lang Son who also turn to Ky Lua Market to know, to admire and buy some souvenir of the trip. Ky Lua Market in Lang Son is a trading place for the exchange of goods among cultural ethnic regions.

Tam Thanh Cavern
Tam Thanh Cavern Location: Located in Tam Thanh Ward, Lang Son city, on the west of Ky Lua street.
Features: The cavern also engraved the poem by Ngo Thi Si praised the spectacular natural beauty here. Dong Tam Thanh located in an elephant-shaped mountain prostrate on the green grass. Tam Thanh caves in the mountains halfway. The gate looks to the east about 8 m high with 30 stone steps carved into the mountainside, with luxuriant trees obscured the sun. The right wall engraved poem by Ngo Thi Si (1726 - 1780) when he served as director of Lang Son town, praising the spectacular natural beauty. The meaning of the poem is: "Stream flows on hundreds of rocks, such as chatting. Go back to the mountains looking forward to see Hon Vong Phu". Inside, there has Buddha statue and many spectacular stalactites.

From Le dynasty, according to Dai Nam Nhat Thong Chi book that says: Tam Thanh Pagoda in the rock camp belonging to Vinh Chau village, Tam Thanh ward now, Lang Son City. Over the vicissitudes of time, Tam Thanh pagoda retains many original beauty attracts tourists all over the world. Buddha Statue has carved floating in large cliffs from the XV century that also is work of high artistic value, Am Ti blue water lake throughout the year never empty, with natural stone made up of thousands ancient years form lively, attractive shapes.

To Thi Mountain
To Thi Mountain Location: Located on the northwest of Tam Thanh Mount, Lang Son City, and Lang Son province.
Features: To Thi Mountain, also known as Vong Phu Mountain is a natural rock-like a woman is holding a child and look far northwern distant. From ancient times, this human-shaped stone has been associated with the fairy Mrs To Thi hold the baby to waite for husband return from battle field, but never saw him back, and finally she was turned into a rock. So that people called it To Thi. Located in Nhi relic, Tam Thanh, the legend about To Thi had come into Vietnamese people minds that has created natural image of a mother hugging her child, waiting for husband as a faithful symbol of the iron hearts of Vietnamese woman. Over the years, this monument has been destroyed. Lang Son province has to reconstruct as original to preserve a relic that went into the Vietnamese people feelings.

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