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Bac Can province is home to Ba Be national park. The park takes its name from Ba Be (Three Bays) lake, Vietnam's largest natural lake.

Situated about 245 km (130 miles) northwest of Hanoi, the park is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in Vietnam. It is home to the ethnic Tay, Dau, H’mong and Nung peoples who continue to maintain their traditional lifestyles and survive by fishing the lake as they have done for centuries.

A mountainous and heavily forested area of fast-flowing rivers, waterfalls, lakes, deep valleys and caves, the park covers more than 23,000 hectares (88 miles2) and was established in 1992. Ba Be contains more than 400 named plants and 300 species of wildlife including barking deer, pangolins, bears, monkeys, birds, butterflies and other insects.

The lake itself is in fact three bodies of water linked by narrow channels. Its total length is about 8 km (5 miles); the northern and southern sections are linked by a 100m (110 yards) wide stretch of water squeezed between high rock walls. You can spend a whole day just exploring the lake by boat.

An interesting place to visit is Puong cave. 30m (about 100 feet) high and 300m (330 yards) long, the cave was created by navigable river and passes completely through a mountain, making for an interesting boat trip.
Ba Be Spring Festival - Bac Can province

The Ba Be Spring Festival takes place in the village of Nam Mau in Bac Can province on the tenth day of the first lunar month.
The ethnic identities of locals are shown through performances of numerous traditional games and competitions such as wrestling, racing and dancing. The most animated and original activity is a boat race on the lake. Young girls row while men steer and follow the beating rhythm of a drum. Behind the boats, water tails out into white foam forming dragon tails and cheers and applause echo across the lake.

Another activity is con throwing, an activity that matches young men and women together. Five-coloured con balls fly back and forth through a ring hanging from the top of a hoisted shaft of bamboo. The boy or girl catching the con ball from the other side must meet the thrower in order to exchange secrets of their hearts while alone together. Many young couples have become husband and wife through this practice.

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