To Discover Cambodian Cuisine


Different people visit Cambodia for different reasons but everyone love the Cambodian dishes. Cambodian cuisine is characterized by an emphasized simplicity and freshness.

Here are some dishes to try to discover Cambodian cuisine – one of the best cuisines in the world.

 Kuy Teav

The most popular breakfast in Cambodia

The most popular breakfast in Cambodia

 Another kind of noodles Kuy teav is popular breakfast dish in Cambodia. Unlike Nom banh chok- a fish- based curry, Kuy teav is a pork- based soup. Ingredients to make this dish are rice noodles with pork or beef stock and rice vermicelli and toppings including bean sprouts and green onions is highly regarded for its clean and soothing broth and dazzling array of herbs, aromatics and other garnishes and condiments. A variety of meat choices can be added to the mix such as pork, chicken, fish balls and beef, as well as seafood. In some places, it is served alongside sweet, spicy, garlic sauce and a small slice of fresh lime. Especially, kuy teav is always available and it can be easily found in markets and roadside vendor restaurants across the country. Tours Indochina Vietnam

Trei Bung Kanh Chhet- Fried fish on the fire lake

 Tasty Fried fish on the fire lake

Tasty Fried fish on the fire lake

Locally known as trei bung kanh chhet, which literally means fish from the lake of Kanh Chhet. As its name, the main ingredient of this dish is fish which is deep- fried and mixed with coconut curry and then finished on the hotplace at the table. There are also some kinds of vegetables including cauliflower and cabbage cooked in the curry. The Cambodians do not use fresh coconut milk in everyday cooking, traditionally, this dish is made for parties or eaten at restaurants in a special fish- shaped dish along with rice or noodles in a special occasion. Travel to Cambodia

Bok l’hong- green papaya salad

Spicy Bokl’hong

Spicy Bokl’hong

Bok l’hong is a spicy salad made from shredded unripe papaya. Related to Laotian Tam mak hoong, the salad may include the herb kantrop, Asian basil, string beans, roasted peanuts, cherry tomatoes, salted preserved small crabs, smoked or dried fish and chili peppers and mixed with a savory dressing of lime juice, fish sauce and prahok. This dish is a perfect combination of 4 main tastes of the local cuisine: sour lime, hot chili, savory fish sauce and sweetness added by palm sugar. Much lighter than its Thai counterpart, bok l’hong is perfect lunchtime snack to escape the year round swelter of the Cambodian heat.

Cambodian cuisine is one of the most important reasons why tourist visit Cambodia. Let’s come and enjoy.

Travel lovers.

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