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Phnom Da, Takeo is one of the ancient historical places in Cambodia. Earlier it was the old capital of Nor Kor Kouk Thlork of Kouk Thlork commune situated at Angkor Borey district in Takeo region. Phnom Da, Takeo is about 102 km away from Phnom Penh. It is about 24 km away from the town of Takeo. Phnom Da is one of the popular tourist attractions in Takeo. “Phnom Da” is the name for the first art style period in pre-Angkorian times. Travel Indochina Cambodia

Phnom Da features in very green

Phnom Da features in very green

Phnom Da is a hilltop sanctuary that is best visited by boat from Takeo town. The hill has caves in the sides which are now used as shrines and on the summit is a large brick and laterite sanctuary which when viewed from a distance looks like a massive nipple.

Phnom Da Temple is square in plan, each side measured 12m and 18m high. The base is of sandstone and the walls are of laterite. It’s a single tower temple, however, the peak of tower has been destroyed during the war. Cambodia tours

Impressive statue

Impressive statue

Phnom Da is a cultural, historical site that has been vast water basin that produces lush, green rice paddies during the dry season, renovated to provide visitors a place to relax or research Cambodian history. The scenery is beautiful all year long.

A first stone temple on top of the Phnom Da hill was built during a later Funan period called Norkor Phnom period. In the side of the hill, there are five man-made caves that reflect the style of Phnom Da. In each of the caves, there is a Shiva lingam and Uma yoni, phallic symbol of Shiva worship. There are 5 man-made statues situated at the valley of the mountain. These statues represent the style of Phnom Da which is similar to India style.

Tranquil atmosphere

Tranquil atmosphere

Every year thousands of local and international tourists visit the Phnom Da. So many tourists visit the place in order to do a research on the well-known work of art of Cambodian ancestors.

Phnom Da is believed to be the cradle of Khmer civilization.

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