Vietnam traditional music and traditional instruments


About Sao Truc (Vietnamese Bamboo Flute)

Sao Truc, which is certainly Vietnam’s most well-known wind instrument with arch-form blowing hole, has long been attached to the cultural and spiritual life of Vietnamese people.

Trong Com, a traditional cylindrical drum in Vietnam

"How joyful to have a Trong Com; and it is an honour for those who can clap it skilfully, oohh ah bong ah bong...", are beautiful lyrics and melody of a famous song from Vietnamese folklore about Trong Com.

Lithophone or Dan Da

Lithophone or Dan Da is also known as a percussion instrument made of stone. The name is applied to a specific instrument made of resonant stones that produces a ringing sound when hit...

Tuong singing (Classical Opera)

Tuong singing is one kind of Vietnamese tragicomedy and comic opera with gestures or costume. Serving an educational purpose, it is a combination of songs, dances and dramatic actions, associating with the interpretation as well as the stylization of gestures.

Xẩm - a Vietnamese classical form of music

Xam singing, a Vietnamese form of art aged centuries, has always been preserved as the nation’s delicate piece of culture to be admired by numerous tourists.

Cheo, a popular traditional music performance

After crops harvest, the farmers hold the festivals which include a series of activities such as plays, Cheo singing, etc. to exchange the information as well as to make new relationships. Since then, many national Cheo repertoires which are considered treasures of the traditional stage are created, expamples are  Truong Vien, Kim Nhan, Luu Binh - Duong Le and Quan Am Thi Kinh…

Cai luong (Reformed Theatre)

Cai Luong (roughly translated as “renovated theatre”) is a form of modern folk opera, particularly famous in Southern Vietnam. It is the convergence of southern Vietnamese folk songs, classical music, tuong (a Chinese-based classical theatre form) and modern spoken drama. It took origin in Southern Vietnam in the early 20th century and blossomed in the 1930s as a theatre of the middle class under the French colony. Listening to cai luong songs, one can feel their beautiful lyrics praising Vietnamese moral values. Hence, as time went by, cai luong has been preserved and become a national theatrical form desired by both Vietnamese people and foreign visitors.

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