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Rice cooking competition

One of the meaningful acitivity in Vietnamese Tet festivals is rice cooking competition. A rice cooking competition is held to encourage women to take more responsibility in their traditional work.

Parallels & Fireworks in Tet

When Tet is coming, everybody is so busy shoping, cleaning and decorating houses. Vietnamese people cannot miss the Tet with parallels and fireworks, so interesting...

Ornamental plants, heart and soul in Tet...

At these days, driving in the streets, you can feel Tet is coming. The streets become more crowded and decorated with coloured lights and red banners. People are more hurriedly, busy buying gifts, cleaning and decorating their houses. Shops and offices are redecorated, look brighter. Some streets which are used to selling flowers become more colourful with many kinds of flowers...

Longevity custom features Vietnamese native culture

An old saying goes: "respecting the elder, he will give you more ages". The simple saying covers a philosophy of life in Vietnamese society, reminding us of the traditional moral standard, that is filial piety to our grandparents and parents.

The Meaning of “Cay Neu”

Tet Nguyen Dan is the Lunar New Year Festival and is the most important Vietnamese holiday. Tet is the celebration of the beginning of spring as well as a new year. It is the time for family reunions, exchanging gifts, best wishes. Planting a New Year tree or “Cay Neu” is also a Vietnamese custom which is part of the springtime Tet Festival.

Social relationships in Vietnam

The desire to achieve harmony between the self and the non-self remains an essential preoccupation of the Vietnamese in interpersonal relations outside the family group. The basic principles underlying family relationships are extended to the relationships between members of wider social groups.

Communicating with Vietnamese people

The Vietnamese people value modesty and humility as well as harmonious relations with others. Seeking to avoid conflict in relationships, they often prefer to speak about sensitive subjects indirectly. Traditionally, Vietnamese people list their family name first, then their middle name, with their first (given) name listed as last. Family members use different given names (first names aren't passed down), and the name reflects some meaning. Some names can be used for either gender.

Vietnamese traditional family values!

What is success? “Success is simple, more simple than you often think, success comes when dad and son try to cook a favorite dish for mother on Mother's day or International women's day even if it is not as delicious as others do” Those are the sentences a young Vietnamese pupil usually writes to answer to the topic at a test . How significant a dinner is when members of family have not met each other for a long time! When some foreigners want to explore Vietnamese culture, they often come to families, go to local markets and buy things for a meal. Is this the way to learn how to cook? The answer is "Yes" but the result is more than that.

Cyclo - a breath in Vietnamese life

It is not easy for a particular vehicle to exist, to be honored and loved for generations. However, a rudimentary and simple cyclo in Vietnam has done it!

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